Get Rid Of Belly Fat For Health

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If too much excess belly fat accumulates, it messes up the whole body. Blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels rise dangerously. But you can protect yourself by getting rid of belly fat.

Eating healthy and moving a lot, that’s easy to say. But it’s often more comfortable on the sofa than at a sports course. And sometimes the desire for cake is greater than for vegetables. Your need for rest and relaxation also grows over the years. Of course it is not easy to keep the ideal weight. It is so important, because if the scale shows too many kilos, you not only feel uncomfortable. Fat deposits especially on the stomach endanger your health. If blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels get out of step due to too much fat deposits, the risk of a heart attack or stroke doubles.

Dangerous belly fat: Are you affected?

If you eat more than your body needs, it stores excess calories in fat cells. If the number of these fat cells in the abdomen increases significantly, it becomes dangerous. As the abdominal circumference increases, more fat is also deposited on the organs. Hormones are produced that disrupt the entire metabolism. Are you at risk? Measure your waist with a tape measure just below your belly button. Women with a circumference of 80 centimeters or more and men with 94 centimeters are considered risk patients and should act urgently.

Get rid of belly fat: Lower blood sugar

More and more people are developing type 2 diabetes. Excessive weight is the main cause. The abdominal fat slows down the transport of blood sugar into the tissue. As a result, the blood sugar level rises and diabetes develops. The following applies here: Weight reduction of five kilos significantly improves the sugar levels. The risk of getting diabetes drops by 60 percent.

You can lower blood sugar levels with the right diet including vegetables, fish, legumes, whole grains and dairy products. You can also drink healthy Ikaria lean belly juice. Read and see the natural ingredients used in producing this product.

How to get rid of unhealthy belly fat

Don’t go on a diet. You should just change your diet a bit. The trick is to eat your fill of foods that have a low energy density. This means you take in fewer calories with the same satiety effect. If you want to lose weight, you should eat foods with a density of 1.5 kilocalories per gram and less.

Vegetable side dishes are well suited. You should only use potatoes and pasta as small side dishes. You may consume whole meal bread but not in large quantities.