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Bacon strips


If you want to lose weight, you get a guilty conscience at the sight of bacon. Eating it makes your lips look shiny like getting a lip tattoo (visit to learn more).

And bacon is the mother of all calories, much too fat, and also full of bad saturated fatty acids! Wait a minute. The cramped fat saving of the last decades has made us fatter than ever before. Because of the demonization of fats, carbohydrates were praised to heaven. It is now clear that the low-fat experiment has failed worldwide.

Energy density, not fat content is crucial

It is not the fat content of a food that determines whether it makes you fat, but its overall energy density. Thus, a low-fat food can have more calories than a high-fat dish with lots of vegetables. If there is a fattening nutrient, then it is simple, that is, easily digestible sugars. The more of it you eat, the more insulin is produced and the more fat is stored. If you eat fat without carbohydrates, but with a lot of vegetables, this hardly starts. Because only the combination of fat and easily digestible carbohydrates, i.e. sugar, is dangerous for weight.

The bacon, of course, is enjoyed by the masses, we, therefore, grant a conditional acquittal. New nutrition trends such as Paleo and Low Carb High Fat, therefore, rely on high-fat, but all the lower carbohydrate diet. And athletes have known it for a long time: For muscle building, fat loss, and energy production, there is nothing better than protein and fat while reducing carbohydrates.


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Here’s how:

  • The demonization of fat is the ideal breeding ground for the low-fat industry, which deceives us with alleged light products.
  • The punishment of fats has only led to the fact that the proportion of carbohydrates in the diet has become much too high.
  • Without fat, nothing runs in the body. Because fat is not only an energy source but also an indispensable building material and fulfills vital functions.
  • Bacon contains not only saturated but more than half also unsaturated fatty acids.
  • In addition to fat, bacon also provides a lot of protein, especially if it is mixed with muscle tissue.
  • A return to the diet of our parents and grandparents is called for, i.e. a full-fledged, balanced cuisine with significantly fewer carbohydrates and without artificial renunciation of certain foods.
  • Eat what you’ve been trying to avoid all these years, that is, butter, bacon, and eggs. These foods fill you up and are healthy.
  • There is therefore nothing wrong with a nut salt with bacon and egg.
  • It doesn’t have to be 100 grams of bacon at once. Half of it is enough to enjoy.
  • Bacon is and remains an excellent flavor carrier in the kitchen.
  • Even small amounts of bacon bring wonderful, hearty flavors into the food so that even the biggest vegetable despisers suddenly take hold.
  • If you eat according to our concept of only two meals a day, you no longer have to worry about the sight of bacon.
  • Anyone who moves enough in everyday life may allow themselves more enjoyment than someone who spends his life sitting down.


If your mouth waters at the sight of bacon, you no longer have to suppress it. Every now and then a little bacon does not make you fat, especially if you reduce the carbohydrate content in your diet and eat a lot more vegetables instead.

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Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for the development and maintenance of male characteristics such as muscle mass, bone density, and sex drive.

Testosterone foods are an easy way to increase your testosterone levels. Some foods are high in zinc which can help increase testosterone production. Zinc can also help with fertility, sperm quality, and prostate health. Foods such as oysters, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and cashews are high in zinc.

In order to boost your testosterone levels with food, you should try to have a diet rich in zinc-rich foods like oysters or pumpkin seeds.

Eat More Testosterone Booster Foods Everyday

Testosterone is a hormone that plays a key role in your body’s ability to build muscle and recover from workouts. It also helps you to maintain your sex drive, mood, and energy levels. Test booster foods are foods that can increase your testosterone levels. There are many ways you can do this including eating more of these foods every day and taking certain supplements (Best 5 testosterone boosters).

  1. The goji berry is a popular ingredient in many weight loss supplements because they’re full of antioxidants, and they have been shown to have positive effects on testosterone levels. Berries are a great source of food for testosterone – so eating more berries, especially goji berries, can help your levels. For example, one study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that participants experienced improvements in both their physical and mental abilities after taking high-dose goji berry extract.
  2. Fish is full of important omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that support a healthy heart and nervous system, and it also contains protein. A study published in the journal Lipids found that men who ate fish at least once per week were 20% less likely to develop prostate cancer.
  3. Quinoa is a great source of both protein and fiber, as well as containing magnesium, phosphorus, iron, , vitamin B6 and folate. It can be a good source of plant protein, making it an ideal choice for people with fish allergies or who don’t enjoy eating meat.
  4. Dark Chocolate contains antioxidants that are protective against chronic conditions such as heart disease and cancer. A study published in the journal Nutrients found that women who ate dark chocolate had lower blood pressure and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, both of which are linked to heart disease and cancer risk.
  5. Kale contains a powerful antioxidant called lutein-zeaxanthin that may help prevent age-related macular degeneration by protecting the retina from cellular damage. The benefits of kale may also be associated with its high vitamin C and A , antioxidants that may help protect against some cancers.
  6. Flaxseeds contain fiber, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. HDL cholesterol, the “good” cholesterol, is increased by flaxseed consumption. In addition to these benefits, the seed can also be used in an oatmeal or bread recipe to increase the fiber and protein content in the meal.
  7. Blueberries are a good source of antioxidants that may have antioxidant benefits for the heart and brain, as well as improved memory and learning.
  8. Cherries are an excellent source of anthocyanins, which can help lower blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels in your kidneys and intestines, sometimes referred to as the body’s natural “valves.”
  9. Grapefruits are a good source of Vitamin C and can help to lower blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels in your kidneys and intestines, sometimes referred to as the body’s natural “valves.”
  10. Kiwis are a good source of potassium, which may reduce high blood pressure by helping to limit the amount of sodium in your body.
  11. Oranges are a good source of potassium, which may reduce high blood pressure by helping to limit the amount of sodium in your body.
  12. Papayas are a good source of Vitamin C, which can help lower blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels in your kidneys and other organs.

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Conclusion: Foods That Boost Testosterone Levels

Testosterone levels are important for both men and women. In men, testosterone levels help them build muscle mass, maintain a healthy weight, and feel confident. In women, testosterone levels help her to maintain a healthy weight, have good moods, recover easily from fatigue, and have sex drive.


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You encounter promises of organic ingredients on almost every corner. But that is by no means what makes genuine natural or organic cosmetics stand out. Conventional companies jump on a trend here and often only practice so-called “greenwashing”.

How do you recognize natural cosmetic glitter?

In order for a product to be able to call itself natural cosmetics, the ingredients are crucial. Since not everyone can have great expertise here, various labels and certificates have been introduced that consumers can use as a guide. These are not generally awarded to a brand, but only to the specific product. Certification also costs money. That is why it often happens that products are not labelled accordingly, although they actually meet the criteria.

What makes natural and organic cosmetics so special?cosmetic glitter

If the whole world of natural cosmetics and organically certified ingredients seems so confusing, why do you do that to yourself? The reason can be found in the way these products work. Natural and organic cosmetics should boost the natural self-regulation of the skin. Conventional cosmetics often have a reputation for covering up these functionalities.

Another reason that speaks for these products is morality or ethics. Many manufacturers of certified natural cosmetics are also committed to treating the world more sustainably. This includes gentle cultivation and manufacturing processes. It also includes fair production conditions and animal welfare. It is a holistic approach that conventional manufacturers often lag behind.

And finally, your own body also plays a role. It’s not just the skin that comes into contact with the cleaning and care products. You also absorb substances in your organism regardless of whether they are good for you or not. Natural cosmetics should be the more tolerable alternative in this regard. However, it can also trigger allergies if you react to one of the ingredients. Here, too, it is crucial to deal with the components. But the search for a suitable natural cosmetic product can pay off in the long run.

Natural and organic cosmetics: More appearances than reality?

Even if there are still no generally applicable standards here, the efforts of natural and organic cosmetics are definitely worth supporting. In the course of the last 20 years, the applicability of these products has continued to improve as a result of more modern production processes. A difference to conventional cosmetics is hardly discernible. And thanks to the constant flow of new ideas, you don’t have to do without beautiful gimmicks, such as cosmetic glitter. So if you want to do something good to have healthy skin and the environment, go for organic products.

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When it comes to healthy eating the low-carb diet is the most popular because it allows for automatic restriction of calories to maintain or to lose weight. Also known as the keto diet because high fat, low-carb meals produce an abundance of ketone bodies, which provide energy when glucose is not yet available.

Glucose is also known as blood sugar, one of the by products of carbohydrates. It supplies the fuel or energy needed by the cells and tissues to keep the major organs functioning properly. However, blood sugar levels must be regulated or controlled by keeping carbohydrate intakes under control.

What happens if there is too much glucose in the body?

The body’s ability to maintain control of blood sugar levels is made possible by the pancreatic hormone called insulin. The latter enables the cells to absorb glucose to burn as energy, and/or to store in cells that serve as fat depots (adipose cells).

However, if hormonal imbalance occurs and the pancreas is unable to secrete enough insulin, the blood sugar level increases, which results to an adverse health condition known as hyperglycemia. If left untreated, this can lead to type 2 diabetes, a disease commonly developed by overweight or obese individuals,

A Low-Carb Diet can Be Adjusted to Include High Calorie Comfort Food

Another reason why a keto or low-carb diet is popular is because, from time to time and without disrupting metabolism, it allows followers to indulge in high carb, high-calorie comfort foods. Some are even lucky enough to regularly eat without spiking up their blood sugar levels. Apparently, they also take dietary fiber to help slow down digestion, which in turn, retards the rate by which the body absorbs glucose.

Bacon is a leading favorite among the high-carb foods being consumed by most keto dieters. Other comfort foods that cam be included to spice up a low-carb diet with additional calories are dark chocolate, butter, pork rind and nuts like walnuts, almonds and macadamia.

Example of Dietary Fiber that Helps to Naturally Control Blood Sugar Levels

A plant genus known as plantago from which psyllium seeds are derived is a good example of a dietary fiber. Psyllium husks are used in the commercial production of mucilage, a gelatinous solution used in the production of medicines or as food thickener.

The colonbroom psyllium husk is a dietary fiber supplement that has been reviewed by Allys Bar wellness experts, who actually tried and found the supplement effective, in solving digestive problems like constipation and diarrhea.

Although taking Colon Broom and at the same time sticking to a keto diet is a good combo, it’s still best to let your physician know about them. Any future medications that will be prescribed by the doctor, has to take into account the dietary supplements and the low-carb diet.

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Woman biting an apple


If you have your teeth checked regularly and undergo a professional tooth cleaning once a year, you have already done a lot of things right. In addition to regular dental prophylaxis at your dentist in Nuremberg, there are other ways to protect your teeth. We are talking about a tooth-healthy diet. You can find out which foods, such as bacon, you should eat to promote your dental health from the dentist near you.

The most important in a nutshell

  • For a healthy dental diet, you need to pay attention to an adequate intake of vitamins.
  • Particularly important vitamins are vitamins A, C, E, and D.
  • Saliva-stimulating foods are also health-promoting.

Vitamins are essential for dental health

It is well known that vitamins have a health-promoting effect on the body. Especially for the teeth, vitamins have a positive effect. You should pay attention to a tooth-healthy diet on sufficient intake of vitamins.

Healthy oral mucosa through vitamin A

Vitamin A does not directly support the teeth, but it does support the oral flora. If the oral mucosa becomes ill, this can have a direct effect on teeth and gums, which is why the oral mucosa is also part of dental health.

The oral mucosa is equipped with taste and sensory receptors and thus fulfills an important function. Food intake is made more difficult if the oral mucosa is inflamed or injured. For an adequate intake of vitamin A, you should eat the following foods:

  • Carrots
  • Tomatoes
  • Apricots


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Vitamin C – Strengthening the immune system and dental health

Vitamin C has a health-promoting effect on several levels. Bacteria and viruses are inhibited by strengthening your immune system. In the mouth area, bacteria that cause tooth decay and periodontitis are combated. In addition, vitamin C is a component of the dental bone, which is strengthened by the intake of vitamin C. Through collagen formation, vitamin C also supports the gums. Vitamin C is abundant in the following foods:

  • Berries
  • Lemons
  • Apples

Vitamin D – the dental vitamin

Vitamin D is commonly known as the sun vitamin because it is formed in the body by the sun’s rays, but it is also the dental vitamin. It supports the teeth in storing important substances such as phosphorus and calcium. The intake of vitamin D makes your teeth more robust and harder. You should eat the following foods for an adequate intake of vitamin D:

  • Salmon
  • Butter
  • Milk

Healthy teeth through sufficient saliva in the oral cavity

Saliva is very important for dental health. Through it, the entire oral cavity is cleaned. Sugar and aggressive acids that damage the tooth are attenuated by the saliva. In addition, the saliva transports nutrients to the tooth enamel, which allows it to absorb the substances.

You can actively stimulate the saliva in your mouth so that it can fully unfold its effect. This is possible through intensive buying. So when eating, you should chew long and intensely or use a chewing gum after meals. Raw vegetables and bread are suitable for saliva excitation in the mouth because they are very chew-intensive. Your trusted dentist will be happy to give you further tips on a healthy tooth diet.