Bacon has Health Benefits; but Only for People with Great Demand for Energy

December 29, 2022 Robbie Kathie 0 Comments

Bacon and eggs for breakfast have never been out of the picture, despite health warnings about the large amount of saturated fat a body gets from eating bacon. The fondness for bacon has been sustained by the results of a recent nutrition study that gave credence to regular bacon consumption. Bacon as it turned out contains high levels of the enzyme CoQ10, which plays an important role in keeping metabolic processes working. However, such findings might not be beneficial for people with excess weight or obesity issues.

Kyoto University Researchers Unravel Evidence that Bacon is a Healthy Breakfast Food

A group of researchers at Kyoto University found evidence that the body’s metabolism does not discriminate between the macronutrients it uses in meeting the demand for energy during the day. What metabolism actually does is to burn the bulk of breakfast food in producing and supplying the heat or energy that the body will use during the day. It denotes that if a person regularly consumes bacon for breakfast the metabolic processes will focus on breaking down bacon as the main source of energy for the day.

Now here’s the thing about the KU study, researchers also found proof that consuming bacon everyday is healthy as it keeps the metabolic processes well-oiled. Apparently, the coenzyme CoQ10 supplied by rashers works favorably in keeping metabolism working well. Moreso if the body also regularly engages in physical activities, including light exercises.

What Exactly is CoQ10 and How Does It Help the Body Stay Healthy?

Actually, CoQ10 is a nutrient that a human or animal body produces naturally to keep metabolism working. Supplying the body with food that increases the level of CoQ10 in the different glands will keep the metabolic processes working when and where needed,

At the same time, CoQ10 functions as an antioxidant, as it basically provides protection to cells against the propagation of free radicals. Reference to free radicals are related to the molecules that the cells absorb but for no specific use or purpose.

As a result, free radicals tend to interfere with the functions of body organs and cause metabolic imbalances that damage body organs. Consequences could include disorders like heart disease and cancer growths.

Supplementing the body with bacon does not pose a problem for as long as persons consuming bacon regularly will engage in physical activities and exercises. That way, the energy supplied by the rashers, consumed as breakfast fares, will be used up, rather than stored in fat cells.

In a separate review of a weight loss supplement known as Alpilean, the reviewers at GeeksHealth agree that in order to lose weight, overweight and obese persons must also focus on improving their metabolism. Apparently, slow metabolism in overweight and obese folks gives the body a false notion that the body has enough energy for the day. Eating bacon therefore, even if it increases the CoQ10 enzyme, will also increase the amount of fat that will be stored as fat, rather be burned and supplied as energy for the day. Although they will be converted into calories, they will only be absorbed as additional fat in adipose or connective tissues.