Healthy Skin: Use Organic Cosmetic Glitter

June 15, 2022 Garey Lenard 0 Comments

You encounter promises of organic ingredients on almost every corner. But that is by no means what makes genuine natural or organic cosmetics stand out. Conventional companies jump on a trend here and often only practice so-called “greenwashing”.

How do you recognize natural cosmetic glitter?

In order for a product to be able to call itself natural cosmetics, the ingredients are crucial. Since not everyone can have great expertise here, various labels and certificates have been introduced that consumers can use as a guide. These are not generally awarded to a brand, but only to the specific product. Certification also costs money. That is why it often happens that products are not labelled accordingly, although they actually meet the criteria.

What makes natural and organic cosmetics so special?cosmetic glitter

If the whole world of natural cosmetics and organically certified ingredients seems so confusing, why do you do that to yourself? The reason can be found in the way these products work. Natural and organic cosmetics should boost the natural self-regulation of the skin. Conventional cosmetics often have a reputation for covering up these functionalities.

Another reason that speaks for these products is morality or ethics. Many manufacturers of certified natural cosmetics are also committed to treating the world more sustainably. This includes gentle cultivation and manufacturing processes. It also includes fair production conditions and animal welfare. It is a holistic approach that conventional manufacturers often lag behind.

And finally, your own body also plays a role. It’s not just the skin that comes into contact with the cleaning and care products. You also absorb substances in your organism regardless of whether they are good for you or not. Natural cosmetics should be the more tolerable alternative in this regard. However, it can also trigger allergies if you react to one of the ingredients. Here, too, it is crucial to deal with the components. But the search for a suitable natural cosmetic product can pay off in the long run.

Natural and organic cosmetics: More appearances than reality?

Even if there are still no generally applicable standards here, the efforts of natural and organic cosmetics are definitely worth supporting. In the course of the last 20 years, the applicability of these products has continued to improve as a result of more modern production processes. A difference to conventional cosmetics is hardly discernible. And thanks to the constant flow of new ideas, you don’t have to do without beautiful gimmicks, such as cosmetic glitter. So if you want to do something good to have healthy skin and the environment, go for organic products.